move move [muːv] verb [intransitive, transitive]
1. informal if a product moves, or if a shop, dealer etc moves it, it sells very quickly:

• These computer games are moving very fast. The kids love them.

• The company isn't moving enough product.

2. to change to a different job, department etc, or to make someone change to a different job, department etc:
move (somebody) to/​from something

• She's just moved from the sales department.

3. formal to officially make a suggestion at a meeting:
move that

• The chairman moved that the meeting be adjourned.

4. to go to live or work in a different place:
move to

• When are you moving to Memphis?

move into

• They've moved into a bigger office.

— see also career move

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move UK US /muːv/ verb
[I or T] to go to a different place in order to live or work, or to make someone do this: »

The company announced it would be moving staff from Houston to Dallas early next year.

move to/into a place »

I got a promotion last year that meant moving to Brussels.


For many years the trend has been for people to move from rural to urban areas.

[I or T] if a store, office, factory, etc. moves, or if someone moves it, it becomes situated in another place: move to/from a place »

The bank's headquarters have now moved to Amsterdam.

move offices/headquarters/operations »

Airline operations are in the process of being moved to Terminal 2.

[I or T] to change the job that you do, or to make someone do this: »

If you're not happy working in your current team, we can move you.

move sb to sth »

After only six months at the firm, he was moved to sales.

move to/from/into sth »

She wants to move into corporate finance.

[I] to take action or make progress: »

One financial analyst said the court decision could prompt the company to move more quickly on the issue.

move ahead/forward/away from sth »

The state is moving ahead with legislation reforms for small businesses.

[I or T] COMMERCE if a product moves, or if a store, company, etc. moves it, it sells quickly: »

Our latest range of Internet TVs is really moving.

FORMAL MEETINGS to officially suggest something during a meeting: move that »

I move that we adopt the resolution.

move UK US /muːv/ noun
[C] action that a person or organization takes in order to achieve something: a move to do sth »

Moves to block free access to music on the Internet have met with limited success.

a move by sb/sth »

Economists said a move by Japan to cut interest rates in isolation would have little effect on currency levels.

make a move (to do sth) »

Moves are being made to help future doctors make objective decisions.

first/next/latest move »

Our next move will crucially depend on the latest figures for inflation.

a bold/strategic/dramatic move »

Strategic moves announced with the interim results should strengthen the balance sheet and improve cash flow.

a move comes/follows »

The company's move comes as part of a wider industry crackdown on insurance fraud.

applaud/approve/condemn a move »

Investors are expected to applaud the move.

[S] the process of changing from one system, activity, etc. to another: a move to/into sth »

Environmentalists have welcomed the move to congestion charging.

a move (away) from sth »

We have incorporated several new concepts in recent months, including a move from commission-only staff to a team bonus structure.

[C] the process of changing the place where you live or work, or trading in a new place: a move from/to/into a place »

The move into Italy is part of a wider international expansion.

See also BLOCK MOVE(Cf. ↑block move), CAREER MOVE(Cf. ↑career move)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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